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Domain name is a unique address of your organisation or site that you are identified with online. Anyone can find you through search engines like Google and Bing. Picking a domain for sale requires consideration. Always choose a domain name that will help in marketing your business and a simple name that can be easily remembered by clients.

Below are tips to follow when identifying the best domain name:

Keep it short

Shorter is better. Longer domain names are likely to be complex, and thus the customers are expected to misspell it or miss-type it. A two-word combination also works great. But the two names should be short and memorable.

Be unique

For you to be unique, your domain name has to be distinct. Avoid names that have been severally misspelt in other existing sites or are plural. Look out for names that are unfamiliar in search engines as choosing a name that has is familiar, is likely to be one step to your failure.

No hyphens or numbers

Hyphens and numbers cause confusion to many people. A customer is likely to mistype the number or place the number or hyphen where it is not supposed to be put. Numbers such as 1 are used to make customers think that your website is the leading site, but that is not always the case when this client puts that number where it is not supposed to be placed. Select a Domains for sale.

Be memorable

Always keep in mind that you are not the first to register a domain name. There are countless registered domain names, and making your name a memorable one is no easy task. Have a domain for sale that is catchy, and thus many will remember it. Once you have settled on the name, Share it with your friends and let them tell you how they feel and think about that name. If the name makes sense to them, is likely to make sense to others.

Make it a brand

Your domain name is your brand. Make the name speak for itself. Once someone hears the name, they are supposed to know what that website is about. If it is hard to tell what a site is all about once you see or hear its name, it will be hard to market or attract customers with your brand name.

Appropriate extensions

Extensions are suffixes like .net or .com or .org that come at the end of your address. The most common and preferred extension is the .com. The extensions are equally important as the domain name because for a user to get to your site, she/he will have to type the extension.

Research it first

Before you decide on the name that you will use, do a proper research on it. Ensure the name you have chosen isn't copyrighted, trademarked or used before by another company. Lack of doing a good research could lead you to a great legal mess, and that would cost you a fortune. If you would like to include other big name products like Facebook and Twitter, you should review all their terms and conditions. Avoid problems by doing your research before registering your name.

Use keywords

When picking a domain name for your business or the services that you offer, look for a name that will help others to know the kind of business that you are carrying out. A name associated with your business, make customers identify themselves what your business is all about. A related business name also improves your rank in the search engines.


Your domain name gives the first impression about your business. Having the right domain for sale is the greatest step to building a good online business. While the right domain name can instil confidence to many, the wrong name can cause alarm. Your business and domain name are the most important part of your overall brand. Make a representation of you and your business by picking the right domain name. Web Hosting Companies


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