Domains for sale have become in a very competitive market where companies want to get the best one for their website, blog etc. For that reason, enterprises pay fortunes to stay with most attractive top-level domains in the network. Speculation of domain is something that came before it began to operate the domain name system. At first timidly and then more visceral.

Thus, in the early 90s few people could imagine that prices would reach the millions and even tens of millions of dollars which have been achieved in some sales.

For example, in 2008 the domain was sold by 2.6 million. The price was reached at an auction carried out by the owner, Chris Clark, who had bought the domain in 1994 for $ 20. At the time, Clark had a software company, but certainly your best business had been kept for 14 years However, although this sale was very expensive, it was not enough to enter in the following list.

What are the Domains for sale most expensive in history?

Next, we review some of the most expensive domains for sale of history. first we find this domain, which in 2010 was sold for the astronomical amount of $ 35.6 million. It is true that the buyer, QuinStreet marketing company, also paid for the content of the website, which is currently a search engine for US insurances.Buy a Domain in 2007 this domain was sold for 35 million dollars. The curious thing about this story is that the buyer, the company founder of vacation rental Homeaway, Brian Sharples, took to prevent its competitor, Expedia a giant of online travel, bought it. exclusive sells much less than massive, but sold much more expensive. This is why the company Luxury Transportation Atlanta Nations paid $ 30.18 million for in 2012. in 2009 the company WebMediaBrands sold the domain by a digit of $18 million. And who paid for it? QuinStreet. In this case the purchase could really be considered more than a domain, because it included much of the business of WebMediaBrands. if there is an ingredient that can’t miss when it comes to the most expensive domains that is sex, pornography rather, an industry that moves tons of money. In 2010 some 13 million dollars were paid for one of the sales with a high price was that of, for which they were paid 11 million dollars in 2001. Currently the portal of vocational hosting reserves belongs to the Expedia group. in 2008, $ 9.99 million were paid for the domain Maybe it was not the best of times for financial services; the fact is that the web greets the visitor with a brief message: “Please come back later to check”. Something cheaper than is In 2007, 9.5 million dollars were paid for the domain that contains other very popular keyword to search Internet pornography. The buyer of this domain is none other than Facebook, who in 2010 acquired by 8.5 million to protect the logic contraction of its brand. redirected to the page in the social network.

Other expensive domains are: was purchased for $ 7.5 million, reached $ 7million, was sold for $ 5.5 million, sold for $ 5.5 million, has reached the price of $ 5.1million and was sold for $ 5 million.

There is one thing that can be seen very clearly in this list of the most expensive domains of history, and it is that each one is .com, demonstrating the great power of the extension.


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