There are many Aged Domains for sale which have been abandoned on the Internet. It may be because the previous owners are not motivated to continue using it or because it wasn’t profitable to them or simply, because they forgot to renew it.  Therefore, there are domains with good names, but they are scarce, and there are domains with bad name which are usually predominant.

 So in this post we will show how to find Aged domains which have expired. So, the aims are that you can do a 301 redirect, gain positions, build your own network of blogs or even to resell it and make money instantly.

Steps to finding Aged Domains for sale with ExpiredDomais

To find Aged Domains for sale on internet, it is important you pay attention in the following information that will be explained next.

The first thing to do is navigate to ExpiredDomains (Expired Domains with PR, Backlinks and more completely FREE) and create an account for registration. On this webpage are stored a lot of expired domains or domains in expiration process.

In addition, one of the best features of this site is the ability to filter by PageRank language, keywords, number of inbound links and a host of features that domains have. Naturally, with the registration, which is free, you will unlock all of these filters, making it easier our task of finding expired domains with good authority.

Once you’ve registered, you must choose the type of extension you want; it can be a .com, .net or any one extension that you see on the page. Then, in additional options, you choose to have a minimum of Page Authority (PA) of 30 and a minimum of Domain Authority (DA) 20. Why should do this? It is because the PA and DA are values established by Moz, a company that has long been in the SEO sector.

On the other hand, the Pagerank is a value set by Google. So, we have more chances of finding a good domain authority if you have high values in both companies. For example, a web of Android with PR 2 PA 32 and DA 26 is a real gem because it will have good links. It is very likely that it has also content ready to be “restored” using Archive ( Thus, it will be very difficult to find a web of these features, but is a matter of search.

Another alternative use for this page is the ability to search domains through keyword, having the ability to filter by extension, PR, DA, PA, or antiquity. Thanks to this, we can find, for example, “love” and we will all domains containing this word.

Finally, we will see some uses we can give to these domains:

Redirecting 301: if you have important links to other pages with authority, can move to the website with a redirect, transmitting the corresponding linkjuice. Mail Hosting

Blogs network:  Another major uses that you can give to an authoritative domain is to use it in a network of blogs. So with a successful update of the sites and few but valuable reviews, we can easily position with these quality links.

Reselling: if you do not have the time or money to keep these places, you always have the option to resell the domains through Forums, because there are many users interested in setting up their own network blogs, but they do not have enough time to look for powerful domains.

Of course, there are other webpages in which you can find expired domains for sale such as Sanapnames, Sedo or Those webpages also offer a good service, so you can choose the best one for your needs.


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